Great Bird

Peter Mangan

Peter Mangan hails from Blanco TX and you can find his art in exhibitions from San Francisco to Berlin, Germany.

“Great Bird” is a sculpture created in response to moving from a city environment to living in a country life.  Observing and learning about the beautiful bird life of Texas from my front porch was a wonderful time.  This sculpture celebrates the natural world, of which we are part.

Here is a little more about Peter in his own words…

From childhood I’ve been able to express myself visually. Creating artwork enables me to use planning and intuition to make objects that communicate to others. I enjoy the struggle with ideas, materials, and tools. It is rewarding to bring something original into the world and see how people respond.

My current focus in sculpture explores the human figure. A basic silhouette is a starting point we all relate to. What makes up the interior of a person: the memories, humor, quirks, faults, emotions? What of the external environment: relationships, possessions, location, time, obstacles? These are concepts I explore through sculpture.

Metals and glass are my primary media. The solid strength of metal is a contrast to the delicate transparency of glass. I use both old and new techniques, from plasma cutting to blacksmithing and computer controlled kilns to medieval glass painting methods. I value spontaneity as well as good craftsmanship.

To learn more about Peter and his work, please visit his website.

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