The Bee Cave Sculpture Park weaves throughout a 7-acre natural setting showcasing a combination of permanent and rotating sculptures. For location and directions, just head over to the Contact Us page for more details. In addition to the fantastic art you will find a spring-fed pond, some of the largest oak trees in the City and over 20 different native species of plants. If you look closely you will also run into quite a bit of wildlife.

Whether you want to come and take in the art or simply enjoy the natural setting and have lunch, the Bee Cave Sculpture Park is a gem that is not to be missed! The Park Brochure and map details below are currently under revision, please contact The Hive with any questions before your visit.


The map highlights the 24 sculpture installations at the park. Not pictured on the map is a special installation titled A Peaceful Place. Here are the pieces you will find at each stop – this information might be outdated.

  1. Desert Blossom
  2. Full Bloom
  3. Birdview
  4. Prelude
  5. Leap of Faith
  6. Inspired World
  7. Flight
  8. Arc of Gravity
  9. First Love
  10. What?
  11. Suspended Motion
  12. Mister & Misses
  13. Fischer
  14. Earth Mother
  15. Tree Hugger
  16. Shining Apollo
  17. The Cloud: The Cycle of Water is the Cycle of Life
  18. Wanna Race
  19. Cat & Fiddle
  20. Foam on the Waves
  21. Angel of Reconciliation 
  22. Night Moods
  23. Flame Man
  24. The Beehive

We are always accepting applications from artists to have their sculptures displayed at the park. If you are interested and want to learn more we encourage you to download the application.

In addition to artist submissions we are looking for donors who are interested in sponsoring permanent pieces that will always be a part of this new park. Contact us at if you are interested.




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