Hard Headed Man

Anthony St. James

I often use found objects in sculptures. While walking my Jack Russell Terrier one day, I looked down and saw this rock in situ. The rock looked so much like a man’s face that I decided to incorporate it into a sculpture. I juxtaposed the natural rock and repurposed steel in this piece. I decided to give him a disproportional, lithe body to bring the viewer’s focus to the head. The rock is untouched except to drill holes for his hair and mounting to the steel body.

Anthony St. James grew up in the shadows of the renowned Houston museum district. Visiting them would leave a lasting impression and gave him inspiration for his future art endeavors. He wants to excite the appreciation and enthusiasm of art by having it displayed in public places and having it accessible to everyone. Anthony, therefore, participates in many civic and public Sculpture Parks.

To contact Anthony, please send him an email.

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