Full Bloom

Jennifer Chenoweth

Full Bloom is about the intensity of the compacted self. It is a mini temple for one person. It has a painting on the outside of the dome and another on the inside of the dome. The space is small, so only smaller adults or children might have the idea to go under it, so the inside is meant to be a surprise for the curious. Full Bloom has two different shapes painted on it in repeating patterns, “I Am Free” and “Beautiful Mess”. It is made from one 37″ diameter steel hemisphere with four 12″ hemispheres attached to the sides at an angle. The steel domes sit on top of four concrete columns made of stacked cylinders of concrete.


Artist Jennifer Chenoweth of Fisterra Studio Projects makes contemporary art in any material that fits the idea, from drawings to large sculpture to interactive collaborative projects. Her artistic inquiry parallels the philosophic inquiry of becoming and being. She works backwards from an idea and forwards from studio process — the art manifests somewhere in the middle. She works actively in her studio and in her community to create change through inspiration and connection.

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