Fly By Night

John Mark Luke

Fly By Night is John’s first large scale steel sculpture that was inspired by the nightly hunting expeditions of the bat colonies found throughout the Austin area. It stands 11 feet tall x 4 feet wide x 4 feet deep approximately, featuring three bats created from steel diamond plate flying out of a tower structure into the night. It is currently for sale.

John Mark Luke is an Austin, Texas area based artist, native to southeast Louisiana where he was born in 1961. Throughout his childhood, John was always attracted to the aesthetic nature of his environment, however it wasn’t until earning a degree in Graphic Design in 1998 that he really started to consider life as an artist.

John fell in love with the physicality of sculpting in 2012. Drawn to the abstract, John likes to play with the juxtaposition of shape and material. It’s kind of the sweet-salty, light-dark, smooth-rough thing. One gives life to the other.

Being genuine to who he is as an artist, John is basically a simple, blue-collar person. Having no causes to address or no political points to make, his work isn’t specific to race, creed, color, gender, or nationality. The idea is that the cause of his work is simply the power and possibility of creativity. Everyone’s included.

The dimensions of the piece are: 11 feet high x 4 feet wide x 4 feet deep.
It is for sale at: $10,000.00

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