Terry Condrasky

Terry Condrasky is a local sculptor that turned a hobby into a passion.

Birdview is a tribute to the many species of birds that make the Texas Hill Country their home. She is carved from Texas Cedar giving her resilience in the outdoors. A hinged seven feet wingspan creates kinetic energy on a breezy day. Two large crystals hang above her reflecting the sun’s rays which seem to be illuminating her “in flight”. This sculpture, as with many of my creations, was inspired by Mother Nature. I am proud to have her “flying” over the Bee Caves Sculpture Park.


Here is a little more about Terry in his own words…

Over the last 12 years, I have combined my skills in carpentry and woodworking to create “Wood Shapes”. The majority of my work is displayed in my outdoor gallery. The pieces “look at home” with all of Mother Nature’s creations.

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The Birdview sculpture was generously purchased and donated to the Bee Cave Sculpture Park by Stephen Berman, D.C.

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