The Flame Man

Terry Condrasky

Terry Condrasky is a local sculptor that turned a hobby into a passion.

The Flame Man was inspired by, and flows from, the natural contours of the native Texas Cedar. Quite often the challenge of working with such a natural medium is having the ability to apply patience as well as flexibility to allow the sculpture to emerge from the raw material. In a way, I think of Mother Nature as a partner in my wood creations.  She dictates what the finished piece looks like. The Flame Man has the natural folds and shapes that are quite often found in organic materials such as wood. The “Man” will be right at home in the natural landscape of the Bee Caves Sculpture Park. His big smile reminds all who see him to enjoy the beauty that nature provides. All of my sculptures are made from recycled logs and metal.


Here is a little more about Terry in his own words…

Over the last 12 years, I have combined my skills in carpentry and woodworking to create “Wood Shapes”. The majority of my work is displayed in my outdoor gallery. The pieces “look at home” with all of Mother Nature’s creations.

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The Flame Man sculpture was generously purchased and donated to the Bee Cave Sculpture Park by Stephen Berman, D.C.

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