Frozen Flow

Juan Carlos DeLeon

Frozen Flow is a captured moment of the waves & ripples caused by a force on water. It inspires thought about natural & man-made forces and the impact on an environment. It questions the sense of place and reality by altering the relationship of land, water, air & self.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 8.32.08 PMSep 25, 2014

Frozen Flow urges visitors to reflect on their relationship with the environment and to ask, “What if I could stand on water?” and “What if water could be held by air?” The static, halted expression of fluid & dry texture of the wood will hopefully evoke awareness of the scarcity of water.

Here is a little more about Juan Carlos DeLeon

An accomplished artist and aspiring architect, Juan was born in Naga City, Philippines and moved to a small town in east Texas. He graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2009.

Juan Carlos considers himself to be a new artist with a developing perspective. His current interest is in creating elements that allude to the relationship between people, scale, volume, weight, mass & space. He is drawn to the manipulation of the recognized place to transform an understood reality and create a sense of a semi-surrealistic environment. He hopes to create an experience that provokes self-awareness about place and the relationship to reality.

To learn more about Juan’s work, visit his website.

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