Laura Sturtz

Laura Sturtz is a versatile artist exploring both geometric and organic forms in her artwork. Her sculptural creations are often comprised of fragments of various materials that she has made, altered, and/or found. These varied elements become a unified creation in her wall reliefs which include her ‘quilt series’ and collages, mobiles and art chess sets. Laura‘s artwork also includes jewelry, and 2-dimensional art.


Her outdoor art takes a variety of forms. Her piece, Flight, was inspired by an exceptional video on bird migration. This video had almost no narration. The birds were photographed from an ultralight aircraft.

Laura has participated in numerous national and regional exhibitions and her work is in many national and international private collections. Currently, she predominantly works in metals, but periodically explores working in a variety of media. She says that with so many options, life is too short to simply focus on one area to the exclusion of all else. She has taught studio art classes at Austin Community College for fourteen years and taught classes and workshops at the Art School of Austin Museum of Art for six years.

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