Arc of Gravity

Anthony St. James

Arc of Gravity is a contemporary piece. Much the way film captures a moment in time and preserves it, Arc of Gravity is a form suspended in a shape forever. I hope this piece inspires thought, evokes curiosity, and causes the viewer to pause and reflect.

untitled-9Here is a little more about Anthony in his own words…

Anthony St. James was born in Houston, Texas in 1958 and graduated from Alief Hastings high school in 1977. While attending Houston Community College I met an accomplished metal sculptor, this had an immediate and lasting impression on me. Having already taken welding classes in high school I soon began honing my metal skills and developing my own style. Sculpting would soon become my passion and I have been sculpting every since. My piece ” Remember when ” is currently on display at the Benini Sculpture Ranch in Johnson City Texas.

Arc of Gravity was on loan to the Bee Cave Arts Foundation and is not for sale.  To contact Anthony, please send him an email.

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