Marla Ripperda

Living on Lake Buchanan Marla often observes herons, egrets and other water birds first hand. “Fischer” was inspired by her seeing a great blue heron seize a fish and eat it outside her studio. The sculpture is painted epoxy resin clay over steel, with water pipe legs.

What is my art about? It’s about raucous joy, quiet beauty, and the humor which makes us HUMan.

Marla Ripperda is a 5th generation Texan and Board Member Emerita of the Texas Society of Sculptors (T.S.O.S). She studied design and art history at the University of Texas and has participated in numerous art-related continuing education classes. In 2000 Marla moved from Austin to Lake Buchanan near Burnet, Texas to set up her studio in the beautiful Highland Lakes area.

Marla considers herself a commissioned artist, meaning she prefers working with an individual client who has an idea, a place and a budget to create a unique and individual work of art. Whether sculpting, painting or teaching Marla tries to give back to the community a small part of the joy and fulfillment she finds in creating art.

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